Emilia IGT Otello Nero di Lambrusco 1813 Cantine Ceci

Italy, Emilia Romagna

Red Wine
Lambrusco Maestri 100%

Professional Rating

90 James Suckling
90 Decanter
4.54 Reviews: 1105

About the Wine

Otello Nero was born in the province of Parma, in the heart of the land of Lambrusco. The harvest takes place around the beginning of October. The grapes undergo a cold maceration process at low temperature for 5-7 days, in order to extract all the aromas and aromatic components. Aging takes place in stainless steel containers, so as to preserve the characteristic fruity aroma of the grapes intact.

In the glass it has a purple red color with bright ruby reflections. The olfactory picture is captivating, it opens on perfumes of violet, fresh and fragrant aromas of black currant, strawberry, raspberry and small berries. The sip is pleasant, with rich fruity softness, supported by a lively acidity. The tannins are elegant and made even more delicate on the palate by the light sugar residue, which gives the wine a perfect balance.

At the table it goes very well with the typical dishes of the local cuisine: cold cuts and salami, first courses with meat sauce and boiled meats with a delicate taste.

Cantello Ceci's Otello Nero di Lambrusco is a wine that has changed the image of Lambrusco in the world. It has transformed a popular and daily wine into absolute excellence. Thanks to a research work oriented to the highest quality, Cantina Ceci has managed to clear the Lambrusco from the common perception of a simply pleasant and convivial wine, to raise it to the level of the best expressions of Italian enology. The Otello Nero di Lambrusco is a label that perfectly combines the identity of a wine linked to the history of a territory, with a vision oriented to create a Lambrusco capable of satisfying the most expert and demanding consumers. At the base of the wine there is the Lambrusco Maestri, one of the varieties of the large family of Lambrusco grapes, present in the lands of Emilia since time immemorial. These are native vines, which derive from the ancient domestication of the vitis vinifera silvestris, already known in Roman times with the name of labrusca . They are grapes of great personality, which still retain some traits of their original nature, especially in the presence of a particularly lively and indomitable acid component.

The Lambrusco Otello Nero has been able to combine the characteristic fruity fragrance and freshness with a structure, aromatic complexity and gustatory depth, which make it a great wine. Its dynamic and highly drinkable sip makes it extremely modern, perfectly in line with the style that is emerging in the current panorama of red wines, based more on fluency and expressive immediacy and increasingly far from the exasperated search for extraction and concentration.

Among the awards achieved: " Grand Gold Medal" at Vinitaly 2015 and at the China Wine & Spirits Awards (CWSA), where he was also named " Sparkling Wine of the Year ".

Emilia Romagna
Red Wine
Lambrusco Maestri 100%
Serving temperature
Taste profile
Strawberry, Wild berries, Raspberry, Currant, Violet
Pairs well with
Cured meat, Stewed meat, Appetiser, Meat ragout


Cantine Ceci


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